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  > > Еретик
  >для пидживерса
  Забыл, как правильно называют, давно уже не прикасался к сеттингу. Но вы говорите с человеком, который давно в теме.
  >И вообще, пидживерс ещё та антиутопия.
  Лишних девочек вообще на консервы пускают.
  “We process two hundred and fifty two unwanted pokegirls every day into seven tons of meat. That’s over ninety thousand pokegirls a year that become chow before they can reproduce or go feral.” She looked at the Ria. “Pamela, how much pokechow do we ship?”
   “Bowen’s Select is fifty percent pure meat protein and so we ship fourteen tons of the blended pokegirl chow a day.” The Ria counted on her claw tips. “So we move a little more than five thousand tons of it a year. It goes all over Blue and all over the rest of the world. Loaded with protein and milk fat and with no preservatives or additives, Bowen’s Select is one of the premium chows you can get anywhere in the world and has been for more than a century.”

  Life Expectancy: Males (62.7 Years), Human Females (64.1 Years), Pokégirls (*20.9 Years) *Estimated Average